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(1) Conference Introductions

1. Follow the schedule for meals, bus service and seating; our staff will inform you in case of any change.

2. Switch off your mobile phone or keep it in silent mode, and do not move around, speak loudly or whisper during the session. No smoking in public places. 

3. Turn off your Receiver after use.

4. Take care of your personal belongings.

5. If you have any private schedule or urgency, please contact our staff. We shall be ready to help.

(2) Credentials Classification and Instructions, and Application for a Temporary Pass

The credentials refer to Main Card, Sub-card and Vehicle Permit. The Main Card is the sole credential that gives the holder access to relevant meetings and events, while a Sub-card is issued for corresponding meetings. Main Cards include VIP Card, Representative Card, Staff Card, Press Card, Performing Card, Audience Card, Volunteer Card and so on. Sub-cards include All-pass and those for Opening Ceremony, Forums and other Activities. Vehicle Permit includes vehicle permits A (Red Card), B (Blue Card), C (Purple Card), D (Orange Card), E (Green Card), F (Dark Blue Card) and G (Brown Card).

 For a temporary pass, please contact Mr. Ke Yongfu at 18900321063.

(3) Weather Forecast in the Arts Festival Period

The average temperature of mid-December in Quanzhou is 14.6 Celsius, which would be quite comfortable. And, there is a light precipitation during that period. The temperature would be around 10-20 Celsius on Dec.10-15.

(4) Time Zone and Time

Quanzhou, Fujian is located between 117.34° and 119.05° east longitude. The time zone belongs to the Eastern Eight Zone (UTC/GMT+08:00), eight hours faster than Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

(5)Currency and Credit Card

The common currency in Quanzhou is RMB. If you need to exchange foreign currency, you can go to the cash counter on the first floor of Yingbin Building in Quanzhou Guest House or C&D Hotel, or commercial banks with the service of foreign currency exchange, such as Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank. Visa, Master, Union Pay and other signs of credit cards can be used on POS machines of businesses in Quanzhou.

(6) Power Supply and Power Plugs

Chinese electricity standards voltage and Hz are 220V and 50 HZ. The power plug in common use is the national standard plug. It is mainly characterized by three flat heads. Please use the appropriate plug converter.

(7) Customs Entry & Exit Regulations of Declaration

1 Red & Green Channels are set for the Customs clearance of inbound and outbound passengers. Passengers who have articles to declare shall choose the declaration channel (Red Channel) for Customs clearance, fill in The Baggage Declaration Form of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for Inbound & Outbound Passengers and make a written declaration to the Customs. 2 The inbound and outbound passengers who hold the diplomatic and courteous visa issued by the government authorities of the People's Republic of China shall take the initiative to produce the valid document to the Customs. And the Customs shall grant exemption. 3 Please observe the Customs regulations and accept the supervision from the Customs. It is strictly forbidden to carry items prohibited from entering and leaving the People's Republic of China.

(8 )Tax Refund Regulations

1 “Tax Refund Articles” refer to the personal goods purchased by overseas passengers at the tax refund stores and eligible for tax refund, but the following items are excluded:

 The prohibited and restricted exit articles listed in The prohibited and restricted articles of entry and exit of the People's Republic of China; goods sold in tax refund stores are eligible for VAT exemption policy; other articles stipulated by the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of the Customs and the State Administration of Taxation.

2 If an overseas passenger applies for tax refund, the following requirements shall be also met:

a. The amount of tax refund items purchased by the same overseas passenger on the same day at the same tax refund store will be up to 500 CNY;

b. Tax refund items are not used or consumed;

c. The departure date is less than 90 days from the date of purchasing tax refund items;

d. The purchased tax refund items are carried by the overseas passengers themselves or consigned abroad with luggage.

3 The specific procedure of the departure tax refund: the purchase of tax refund goods; the verification and confirmation of the Customs; tax refund of agencies.

4 The currency of tax refund is CNY. The means of tax refund include cash refund and bank transfer tax refund. If the amount of tax refund is less than 10,000 CNY, you can choose the means of tax refund by yourself. If the amount of tax refund is more than 10,000 CNY, the tax refund will be made by bank transfer.

Industrial Bank Co. LTD is the departure tax refund agency for the purchase of overseas passengers at the exit ports in Fujian Province (except for Xiamen City), that is, Fuzhou Changle International Airport, Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport and Pingtan Strait High-Speed Passenger Terminal. The departure tax refund stores in Quanzhou: Headquater of Fujian Sanhao Tea Industry Co. LTD, Shishi Branch of Fujian Sanhao Tea Industry Co. LTD, Fengze Branch of Quanzhou New Huadu Supercenter Co. LTD.