Main Events
2017-12-05 16:39:46

(1) "To the Ocean"

A large-scale show with pictures and sounds performed at the Opening Ceremony: The Gala, with Xing Shimiao, Fang Ming and Qu Cong as the creators, Bai Yansong as the host, and group songs as the core element, makes full use of dance, drama, film, acrobatics and other artistic forms, and integrates songs with different styles and vocal skills. The show highlights the unique local features of Maritime Silk Road, and displays the part Quanzhou plays in China and the world, and its images in the new era.

(2) Maritime Silk Road Forum on Arts Development

The Forum invites nearly 120 world-famous experts and scholars from the field of culture and arts, as well as representatives from political and economic circles, with "Shared Value –Development of Arts along Maritime Silk Road" as the theme. There are 3 sub-forums, i.e. "Common Heritages with Cross-cultural Interpretations", "New Ideas, New Maritime Silk Road" and "Diversified Perspectives & Globalization ". The Forum focuses on the future of arts development so as to demonstrate and safeguard the diversities of culture and arts in the process of globalization and promote the prosperity of different cultures of countries along Maritime Silk Road in the new era.

(3) Maritime Silk Road Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Exhibition in the Ancient City of Quanzhou, under the theme of "Treasures on the Maritime Silk Road", highlights the integrated protection for the intangible cultural heritages and their live demonstration. The Exhibition displays important intangible cultural heritage items from Quanzhou and other cities (autonomous regions and municipalities) of China, and from other countries and regions along the Maritime Silk Road. Representative items from 9 cities of Fujian Province, 23 provinces of China and 8 countries of 3 continents are presented in the exhibition.

(4) 2017 China-CEEC Cultural Season (Quanzhou)

The Activity, a project of the Ministry of Culture in 2017, invites about 150 actors of 12 outstanding art troupes from 11 Central and Eastern European countries, some countries along the Maritime Silk Road as well as Yokohama of Japan -- "Culture City of East Asia", and Gwangju and Jeju of South Korea to perform dance, music, drama and children’s dramas at Minnan Songs & Dances Heritage Center and Quanzhou Nanyin Heritage Center.

Introduction of Some Overseas Art Troupes

1. Macedonia Skopje Dance Troupe

Founded in 2011, Macedonia Skopje Dance Troupe is the first professional modern dance troupe supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. Each year it hosts four public performances and is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.

2. Slovenia Ljubljana Dance Theater

Slovenia Ljubljana Dance Theater, also known as PTL, was founded in 1984 by Kseniah Hiribal, one of the founders of the London Modern Dance Theater. PTL is the first professional modern dance troupe in the Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with several outstanding international dance competitions awards.

3. Serbian Balkanopolis Band

The Band is well-received by audience with different cultural backgrounds for it combines the traditional music of Byzantine and Balkan with the elements of rock and symphony. During the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the Band brought visitors with fantastic rock-and-roll music and traditional music.

4. Croatia Elvis Stanic Group Band

Founded in 1994, the Band, a world-class jazz band, well integrates the fluidity of Croatian traditional music into the contemporary trends of jazz.

5. Estonia FA Orchestra

Founded in January 2000, the Orchestra is a collaborative project with the Festivitas Artium, a non-profit organization, and the University of Tartu (Estonian National University). It works with many famous musicians from Asia and has performed in Europe, the United States, India, Argentina, South Korea, Sri Lanka and China.

6. Poland Maria Pomianowska Orchestra

The Orchestra is organized by Dr. Maria Pomianowska, a professor at the Krakow Conservatory of Music in Poland. The project of "Dragon and Eagles - Music Treasures of China and Poland" performs and studies Polish music (musical heritage of Medieval and Renaissance), and songs and performance works of unknown national musicians.

7. Vietnam Hanoi Theater

Founded in 1959, Vietnam Hanoi Theater is reputed as one of the leading professional theaters in Vietnam. The dramas of hot topics in the sociery it produced have generated a huge response among the audiences. It once performed for President Ho Chi Minh, leaders of other nations, international guests and delegations.

8. Egypt El Horrya Folk Troupe

The Troupe is one of the unique dance troupes under the Ministry of Culture of the Arab Republic of Egypt. This local troupe, founded in the 1990s, is the official representative of Egypt to participate in International Festivals. There are altogether 55 dancers and musicians, most of whom are college students in Egypt.

9. Jordan Orphan Arts Troupe

 Founded by Ms. Juliette Awad, a well-known TV director and Jordanian Aramaic Theatre Association, the Troupe aims to promote the concept of "peace, friendship and environmental protection" and enjoys a great reputation in Jordan and Arab countries with a total audience of over 400,000.

10. Korea Gwangju Art Troupe

The Art Troupe, founded in 2007, was composed of the Flying Dance Group. The Dance Group values artistic creation and education, challenges all kinds of dance fields with artistic innovation, and contributes a lot to the development of diverse arts. It has won many awards such as the national Awards of Korea and Golden Prize in the Gwangju Dance Festival.

11. Korea Jeju Art Troupe

The Art Troupe consists of the traditional instrument band “Jeju Music” and the rock band “BAND MYOHAN”. “Jeju Music” is a Korean traditional music performing group founded by performers of traditional Korean music in 2012 and the first and only national music performing group in Jeju. The Band has participated in the Jeju Tamil State Spring Festival, “Jeju Festival” Celebration in China Hainan Province, 2016 Opening Performances in Nara, Japan—Culture City of East Asia and other performances at home and abroad. BAND MYOHAN is a rock band based in Jeju and has won Gold Prizes in 2013 Yamaha ASIAN BEAT (South Area) and 2014 Jeju Fringe Festival.

12. Japan Yokohama Troupe

W Dream, based in Yokohama, Japan, is famous for its samurai dance, acrobatics, and original dances that combine dances, slapping, songs and fencing, and has won a variety of awards at home and abroad.

(5) The 12th Quanzhou International Nanyin Symposium

As an important component of Minnan culture, Nanyin boasts a history of thousands of years and is known as the “living fossil” of Chinese music. In 2006, Nanyin was recognized as a national Intangible Cultural Heritage in China, and in 2009, it was listed by UNESCO as one of the world's representatives of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the world. This Symposium invites 560 Nanyin lovers of 15 Nanyin groups from 8 countries and regions overseas and 21 groups from China.

(6)The 5th Quanzhou International Puppetry Festival

This Puppetry Festival invites over 400 people of 13 performing groups from 12 countries and regions overseas and 18 groups from China. The 74 shows in 34 venues of Quanzhou will feast the eyes and hearts of the local people and make the Festival a grand puppetry event with international influence.

(7)Flash Mob Activities in the Ancient City

The Activities, as a promotional effort for the Arts Festival, displays the charms of Minnan culture and Maritime Silk Road with unique artistic performances.

(8)The 2nd Foot Orienteering in the Ancient City of Quanzhou

More than 14,400 people signed up for the Activity. 500 people were selected to challenge the 50-kilometer route, 2500 people to take up the 25-kilometer classic routes on foot, and 2,000 people to participate the 6-km route, building it into an annual large-scale carnival event in the Ancient City of Quanzhou.

(9) The 2nd China (Anxi) Furnishing & Decoration Expo

The Expo, under the theme of “Art Makes Life Better”, displays Quanzhou traditional folk crafts with four major categories, i.e. Exhibitions & Performances, Arts and Crafts Competitions, Cultural Forums and Business & Trade Projects.

(10) Maritime Silk Road (Quanzhou) Fine Arts & Crafts Exhibition

The Exhibition brings together 180 masterpieces from 24 masters of Chinese Arts & Crafts and Ceramic Arts and over 320 representative works of more than 10 categories from masters of Arts & Crafts of Fujian Province. The live performances of masters and displays of the fine arts and crafts will make it a large-scale brand exhibition.

(11)Maritime Silk Road Currency and Trading Photo Exhibit

The development and circulation of currencies along the Maritime Silk Road presents a unique aspect of history which was closely connected with the economic and trade development, and the flows of population and goods. The over 600 coins exhibited were the major currencies circulated on the Maritime Silk Road, showing the blending history of East and West and reproducing the grand picture of peace and common prosperity along the Maritime Silk Road.